Join Empowered – Self Love and Human Design Community

Are you feeling stuck, drained and uninspired? Is there a voice inside of you whispering that there needs to be more to life than whatever it is you are settling for? Do you feel like you get started with self love practices just to drop the habit after a while?

Empowered – Self Love and Human Design Community is a membership and community that supports you on your self love journey. You’ll be provided with tools, inspiration and exercises to decondition ideas around how you should be and come back to you. Every month you’ll find new exciting material on the plattform and in the community to guide you on your journey back to yourself.

It’s a membership for you who want support and guidance on your journey but who wants to take it in your own pace and on your own terms. To find out what works for you but still find support in me and others who are a part of the Empowered community. The material is created to ignite your spark, guide you back to yourself and help you remember who you are. By receiving new material on a monthly basis you’ll be reminded over and over again to listen inwards and choose yourself.

The membership in Empowered – Self love and Human Design Community includes:

  • Access to a FB Community where you’ll receive inspiration and encouragement from me and be able to discuss self love and human design together with other members of the community
  • A platform with new journaling prompts, meditations and other self love practices each month
  • At least one live call or workshop about self love and human design each month

Join Empowered – Self Love and Human Design Community with a monthly subscription for 111 sek a month here: